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Vice President, Machinery and Equipment


When it comes to understanding how things are supposed to work – companies, teams, products and buildings – few can surpass the experience, expertise and project management savvy that Phil Terry brings to the table.

For the past 15 years, Phil has performed technology and construction forensic investigations for CCA clients. His skill at understanding exactly why something didn’t work the way it was intended is matched only by his experience at designing things to work well.

In his 40 years of technology experience, Phil has been responsible for complex, cross functional manufacturing projects. He has developed and implemented strategic and tactical initiatives for manufacturing. And he has formed and led manufacturing and software engineering teams.

From worldwide software publishing and hardware product development (including the early development and introduction of the CD-ROM and DVD-R technologies) to fabrication of semiconductors and components for the aerospace, transportation and medical industries, Phil has formed and led manufacturing and software engineering teams for a variety of companies, including several Fortune 100 manufacturing firms. He has excelled at solving operational problems, introducing work and design simplification, designing and deploying system tools and machinery and preparing contracts and managing those contractual relationships.

Phil is an avid home builder and renovator, and is a frequent volunteer with organizations like Habitat for Humanity. He is also an accomplished truck and automobile mechanic.


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