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Resolving complex problems for the built environment for legal, insurance, building owner/management, and construction industries.


Decades of experience with clients of all sizes

At CCA, we have one goal: To become a trusted partner helping solve your architectural, engineering, construction, and health, safety, and environmental problems. Since our founding in 1990, we have worked tirelessly to bring comprehensive services to our clients. We identify problems and work diligently to solve them for our clients, from developers, owners, and property managers who often need help when dealing with building, site, construction, and health, safety, and environmental issues; to lawyers and insurance companies who need experts to help resolve related disputes.


Skilled experts leading the way

As a single-source provider, we bring to your problem decades of experience in every construction-related discipline including architecture, engineering, mechanical systems, construction management, project management, industrial hygiene, environmental health and safety, hazardous and materials. Our skilled experts are trustworthy and collaborative who will work with you to deliver elegant, high-quality solutions.

We have a 360-degree solution for the architectural, engineering, and construction industry. No matter how simple or complex the challenge, we are committed to you to get the best possible result for your problem.


Our core values

At CCA, we are committed to:

  • Having a can-do attitude
  • Being reliable
  • Being team-oriented
  • Striving for technical excellence
  • Possessing solid character
  • Understanding the value of reputation


Who we serve



Here's what some of our customers have to say about their experience with CCA:

"The board’s forensic experts from CCA, Construction Consulting Associates, LLC, Dr. Martin Barry, and Clark Griffith, provided rock-solid analysis and assisted greatly in converting highly technical engineering and architectural issues into a comprehensive and comprehensible narrative."

Excerpt from One Charles Condominium Case Overview
Resulting in $12,250,000.00 settlement of a construction defect lawsuit


"We use CCA out of Burlington, MA for all our building renovation architecture and engineering design. They are not specifically ice rink or sport facility designers but have extensive experience with arena repairs/renovations over the years and are extremely competent as well as great to work with.

As you can see on their website they handle all aspects of design as well as construction supervision. They also have specialized design consultants that they will bring in for unique applications. I've worked with some other local firms who also have design experience in this field but quite honestly CCA is a much better and more practical firm than anyone else I have worked with."

Rob McBride, CAE
President, FMC Ice Sports
Pembroke, MA


"I can recommend CCA in Burlington. I've had two renovations architected by Clark and Adrienne, which have been fantastic!!"

John Dreyer, PMP
Air Force Technical Representative
MIT/LL (Quantech Services, Inc.)