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Resolving complex problems for the built environment for legal, insurance, building owner/management, and construction industries.


Decades of experience with clients of all sizes

At CCA, we have one goal: To become a trusted partner helping you with our architectural, engineering, construction, health, safety, environmental, and critical facility expertise. Since our founding in 1990, we have worked tirelessly to bring comprehensive services to our clients. We identify problems and work diligently to solve them for our clients,

  • from developers, contractors, and owners, who often need help when dealing with building, site, and construction issues
  • to owners and property managers with health, safety, and environmental issues as well as condition assessments related to buildings and sites
  • to critical facility owners needing help with their building management system
  • to lawyers and insurance companies who need experts to help resolve disputes related to all these issues.


Skilled experts leading the way

As a single-source provider, we bring to your problem decades of experience in every construction-related discipline including architecture, engineering, mechanical systems, construction management, project management, industrial hygiene, environmental, health and safety, and critical facilities. Our skilled experts are trustworthy and collaborative and will work with you to deliver elegant, high-quality opinions and solutions. Our experts are skilled in assessments, design, cost and schedule, and construction. We are comfortable on a construction site, at a severely damaged building, designing solutions, writing reports, providing opinions, at depositions, and providing expert testimony at trial.

We have a 360-degree solution for your architectural, engineering, construction, and critical facility challenges. No matter how simple or complex the challenge is, we are committed to you to get the best possible result for your problem.


Our core values

At CCA, we are committed to:

  • Having A Can-Do Attitude is considering our clients' problems and quickly devising methods to achieve solutions for our clients. Confidently communicating our methodology to our clients is an essential part of our Can-Do attitude.

  • Being Reliable in all that we do, making sure that all our work and deliverables are both on-time and top-quality every time so that our clients can focus on doing what they do best.

  • Being Team-Oriented so that every problem is better served through the melding of multiple expert viewpoints. CCA's team is unafraid to express differing viewpoints for consideration and we have the ability and open-mindedness to forge robust solutions considering all aspects of a problem.

  • Striving For Technical Excellence is paramount to CCA staff as we are are lifelong learners. The ability to learn quickly and independently is a requirement for employees at CCA. Our team is always engaged in interesting projects that encourage us to expand our knowledge while solving new problems. At CCA, we learn by job learning, attending industry conferences, and learning independently. We do this not because it is related to our careers, but because we are all committed to excellence. Learning is the key to maintaining technical excellence at CCA.

  • Possessing Solid Character is the cornerstone to delivering expert solutions, providing high-quality services, and maintaining valuable relationships with our clients. At CCA we perform our work in a highly ethical manner. Our team treats every client, party, interaction, and undertaking with care, respect, and a commitment to excellence.

  • Understanding the Value of Reputation for not just ourselves, but for our clients who rely on our services to provide the best products and services to their customers. We prioritize ensuring that our clients' reputations are maximized based on our contributions to their operations so that we are all able to do our best work and provide maximum value to those who rely on us.


Who we serve



Building Owners

Critical Facility Owners