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Client Case Studies

Forensic Investigation Proves Walkways are ADA Compliant

Several years after the completion of an apartment complex the HOA claimed that the walkways were not in compliance per the ADA and the MAAB.

Saving a Global Insurance Company from a Massive Payout

A single-story retail shopping center in Brooklyn was extensively damaged by Superstorm Sandy. CCA was brought in to determine the cause and origin of water damage.

Restoring Critical Transportation in NYC after Superstorm Sandy

Discover how CCA along with the team of Army Corp of Engineers and other contractors restored ferry service to and from Manhattan after Superstorm Sandy.

Hurricane Charley, Frances, and Jeanne

Six high-rise hotels in Daytona Beach owned by the same company were significantly damaged as a result of all three storms. Their insurance company was only willing to pay for damage caused by Hurricane Charley, not the other two storms.

Hurricane Katrina Causes Water Damage

The owners believed the ballasted membrane roof had been damaged by the hurricane and allegedly caused water intrusion. However, the roof membrane did not appear damaged during the visual inspection and the insurance company refused to pay.

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