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Unrivaled knowledge, incredible efficiency, and decades of experience – that’s what our construction consultants bring to every project.

Construction Administration

Things rarely go as planned, cost overruns are commonplace, and surprises are the rule rather than the exception. It takes significant construction management expertise to keep all the balls in the air, managing the process 24/7 to keep it on time, on track, and on budget. Above all, it takes excellent communication – with subcontractors, suppliers, and, most importantly, with you, the client.

Our construction administrators are experts at managing projects of every size and level of complexity. They are committed to upholding our exacting standards of service. And they are expert communicators, keeping you informed, answering your questions, and quickly responding to your concerns.

Additionally, our construction administrators have access to an entire company of architects and engineers who can provide expertise to resolve problems more quickly.


Cost Estimates

Budget is always important.

Whether you're building a dream home, fixing water leaks in an existing facility, or trying to get a business up and running after a disaster, the most important question is always the same: how much will it cost?  

The services of our cost-estimating team are accurate, reliable, and built on the hard-earned knowledge that comes from decades of construction experience. That means fewer surprises for you down the road.  With state-of-the-art estimating tools, we provide prices that are always up-to-date and always calibrated for your location, anywhere in the world.


Project Planning

They are the source of cost overruns, unavoidable delays, and failure to meet client expectations. Superior project planning can help prevent surprises by anticipating potential problems, covering every possible contingency – and developing a plan for the next steps to get back on track when the unexpected happens anyway.

With decades of experience in the construction industry, our construction consultants and architects have overseen projects of every size and type. That means they have already witnessed the pitfalls and solved the dilemmas your project is likely to encounter. They are experts at developing plans that are sound, practical, and executable— with no surprises.


Construction Management

Our construction management services are provided by seasoned professionals with years of hands-on experience building multi-million dollar projects.

Our services are tailored to provide a proactive, detail-oriented approach that helps ensure the success of a project.

Our team of project managers, construction managers, construction superintendents, estimators, schedulers, and project engineers have provided services for a wide range of projects including theme parks, resort hotels, aviation facilities, schools, hospitals, and large infrastructure facilities.


Program Management

CCA provides integrated solutions from start to finish.

Our comprehensive program management services offer a single-source solution for the development of multiple projects from inception to completion. To integrate all aspects of the construction process - planning, design, procurement, and commissioning – we apply the practices of professional construction management to each unit of a capital program and standardize technical and managerial expertise on each project.

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