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Accurate assessments rooted in design experience.

Unforeseen events do happen. You can’t anticipate every problem, but when something does go wrong, from soils to roofs and every component in between, CCA is prepared to respond, fast and on demand. We’re the team to call for more effective and more efficient solutions to problems wherever they occur. As active architects and engineers, we keep up with the most current standards in codes, materials, and techniques. Our reports and recommendations are founded in fact-based investigation backed by solid documentation.

As investigators, our practical, up-to-date know-how results in superior reporting, recommendations, and remedial design solutions. Bottom line? You get precise, actionable reporting -- a clear foundation for rapid, responsible decision-making.

Whether your project is commercial, industrial or residential, we have the complete range of consulting capabilities you need to determine what happened and why. With our seven-step methodology, CCA can give you reliable answers every time.


Our Seven-Step Methodology Includes:

  1. Triage: We begin with an assessment of the available background information, including a review of the parties involved and a summary of the project's history. Then we confer with the client to make recommendations and develop appropriate plans.
  2. Site investigation and project evaluation: CCA reviews evidence, on-site visual inspections, and relevant records through the perspective of our deep architectural and engineering experience. In addition, we document, design, and implement field inspection and testing.
  3. Reports: The end result of our work is a clear, concise and actionable report, based on firm quantitative and qualitative analyses of the material evidence and the impact of various elements - design, building consultants, materials and construction methods - to determine responsibility and the degree of fault. Our executive summaries detail reports, opinions and basis in plain, concise language
  4. Estimating: Based on our investigation, CCA creates comprehensive scope-of-work plans from which accurate estimates can be prepared for settling disputes.
  5. Design: Our architects and engineers can provide remedial plans and specifications to fix problems and restore projects. As licensed professionals in dozens of states, we provide national response with local expertise.
  6. Litigation support: CCA provides litigation services in support of our investigative report.
  7. Construction Administration: We can provide the necessary management of the rebuild process, as required.