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When things go wrong, you need clear and objective answers to complex questions from one integrated team.


Construction Defects

Construction Defects can turn buildings into disasters.  A dream home may be seeping water after only a year.  A facility built to withstand a hurricane fails in the first tropical storm.  Clearly, someone did not do their job. 

But determining fault can be a nightmare – sorting out the complex relationships between the architect, builder, and subcontractors is a daunting task?

CCA can help.  We investigate construction defects in every kind of construction project – from multi-million-dollar high rises to family homes, to condominiums.  We have worked on cases with hundreds of thousands of documents and allocated responsibility between as many as fifty separate parties on an individual project.  

We have the architectural and engineering expertise to manage the investigation and design the remedies.  We have the construction expertise to estimate and allocate the costs.  We are the expert witnesses to support you if you need to go to trial, mediation, or arbitration.


Litigation Support

When you need forensic engineering support during litigation, we provide the most consistently complete and thorough investigations and the best-prepared experts in industry. We develop airtight investigations with the kind of clear-cut evidence that convinces a jury. We work closely with the lead counsel to develop a winning strategy and testify in plain language without "dumbing it down."  With thorough litigation support from CCA, you'll know you've got an integrated team of experts on your side. 


Water Intrusion

Water intrusion is one of the most common results of faulty construction.

Buildings are designed and intended to keep the weather out and to keep the occupants and interiors dry.  Leaky roofs, poorly installed or manufactured doors and windows, and leaky joints at exterior walls can result in water intrusion into building interiors, attic spaces, and wall cavities.  

CCA’s services related to water intrusion include: 

  • Building envelope evaluations
  • ASTM water penetration and leakage testing
  • Component and system testing
  • Differential pressure testing
  • Thermal imaging and damage mapping
  • Mold and other microbial contamination analysis


Building Studies

These can include structural and systems performance, code compliance, water intrusion, and life safety issues, and the ADA. But coordinating the work of a dozen different consultants can be a difficult and time-consuming process.

To simplify and accelerate the process, we provide a complete team of experienced designers, engineers, and consultants who can study every aspect of your project—from below the ground to the tip of the roofline – to complete your building study more quickly and with the kind of interdisciplinary communication that delivers superior results.


Cost Estimation

Whether you're building a dream home, fixing water leaks in an existing facility, or trying to get a business up and running after a disaster, the most important question is always the same: how much will it cost?  

The services of our cost experts are accurate, reliable, and built on the hard-earned knowledge that comes from decades of construction experience. That means fewer surprises for you down the road. With state-of-the-art estimating tools, we provide prices that are always up-to-date and always calibrated for your location, anywhere in the world.


Product Investigation

For a wide range of reasons, products may sometimes not work right or may cause injuries. We have investigated a vast array of defective products. Can openers, space heaters, frying pans, modular fireplaces, boilers, remote modular weather stations, cell phone antennae, and heavy equipment are a few of the products investigated by CCA. Our knowledge and experience in product defect investigations enable us to provide solid evidence and qualified opinions for your case.

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