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Mechanical Engineering

CCA engineers are experienced in the design of HVAC, plumbing, electrical, process piping, utilities, equipment, and fire protection.  CCA has specialized knowledge regarding indoor air quality and the interaction of the mechanical systems of a building with the building envelope including hygrothermal analysis.

Our mechanical engineering team is skilled and experienced at investigating all types of mechanical failures, from construction equipment to printing presses to building systems and beyond.


Structural Engineering

CCA’s structural engineers have seen it all.  From Florida to British Columbia, from Maine to California, and many places in between.  CCA’s engineers have designed a wide variety of buildings and structures including single-family homes, manufacturing plants, high-rise buildings, low-rise buildings silos, hangars, chemical plants, treatment facilities, bridges, and more.  Our engineers are equally versed in the design of new buildings as well as modifications and repairs to existing buildings.  We excel at and are passionate about effective, creative, affordable structural solutions in the design of structures.

Our engineers have witnessed the effects of extreme loads on structures and buildings.  CCA has investigated hundreds of structures due to hurricane winds, tornados, earthquakes, storm tides, rain, snow, soil movement, fires, and explosions.  CCA knows what to look for and how to safely conduct investigations when structures are affected by extreme loads.  CCA knows how to repair structures damaged by extreme loads and knows how to distinguish between damage due to these loads and damage due to other effects.

You can’t take risks with the structures you depend on. Whether it’s a home or a business, when the building is threatened or compromised, you need immediate answers to avoid danger to lives and disruption to the business.


Civil Engineering

CCA civil engineers provide innovative, sustainable, and comprehensive solutions to challenges that affect the environment and the infrastructure that supports us.

We have extensive experience in water, wastewater, stormwater, paving, drainage, construction management, and inspection.  Our civil engineers address each client's specific project needs and establish a level of trust and understanding that leads to effective relationships that span decades with many of our clients.

Our engineers, designers, and technical staff have worked on a wide array of projects located throughout the country, including shopping centersmixed-use developments, office, and industrial parks, residential developments, educational and health care complexes, hospitality, and entertainment facilities.

CCA’s engineers provide services to architects, planners, attorneys, developers, educational institutions, health care facilities, contractors, and other organizations. CCA also works as consultants and master planners in the pre-construction work phases; as engineers-of-record, and as technical advisors during site development, permitting, and construction phases.


Process Safety Management

The OSHA Process Safety Management standard is the primary guideline for programs designed to prevent or minimize the consequences of accidents involving bulk quantities of flammable and highly hazardous materials.  

CCA engineers and architects have helped industrial organizations to design and maintain PSM programs, have performed numerous PSM audits, and understand which PSM activities and features are practical and efficient. CCA recognizes that all companies and facilities are different and so we develop programs to suit the unique needs of each location and help to ensure that each of our clients implements PSM programs that satisfy regulatory requirements and fit the needs of a company's individual objectives. 

CCA engineers have written general, as well as site-specific, programs for all OSHA PSM elements. Based on the individual challenges of each organization, CCA can provide any or all of the following services:

  • PSM program manuals

  • Written programs with plant-specific PSM system features

  • Education, training, and organization of site-specific PSM programs

  • Auditing of the performance and effectiveness of an established PSM program


Industrial Hygiene

CCA’s environmental personnel are seasoned, industry-experienced people who understand that our focus is on each client's unique needs.

Our engineers and technicians apply this broad range of technical experience with recognition and dedication to provide technically sound, cost-effective, and results-oriented environmental services.

CCA provides a wide range of environmental services that are designed to ensure compliance with the increasing regulatory demands placed upon facility operations as well as prior site activities. We combine our extensive project experience and regulatory knowledge with the knowledge of our client's operations to develop optimal approaches to meet regulatory requirements.

CCA has assisted clients in a variety of areas including due diligence investigation, site selection, environmental site assessment, and site redevelopment. Ongoing operational compliance success is met by providing comprehensive services in environmental analysis, engineering, and planning.


Geotechnical Engineering

Landslides, settlement, unstable slopes, sinkholes, soil movement, erosion...you name it. We've seen it. 

If any of these problems are affecting or threatening to affect your site or building, CCA can find the cause and come up with a solution.  In partnership with CCA’s associate engineers, we will:

  • Investigate subsurface conditions and materials
  • Determine the relevant physical and chemical properties of these materials
  • Evaluate the stability of slopes
  • Make recommendations for cut and fill solutions
  • Assess risks of existing soils expansion
  • Recommend soil stabilization solutions
  • Monitor site conditions during soil preparation activities and foundation construction.



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