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A single expert resource exceptionally qualified to manage all aspects of your project

One of CCA’s distinguishing benefits is the ability to handle the roof, the soil, and everything in between. From cost-estimating, to cause and origin analysis, to complex documentation management, we don't confine ourselves to one discipline because your problems never confine themselves to one area. 

Take advantage of CCA’s advantage

Why juggle and coordinate multiple firms when you can hire a single CCA project expert with ALL the resources and partners you need?  This saves our clients time, and usually lowers the overall project cost by minimizing the inherent inefficiencies associated with managing multiple firms.

Whether you are an insurance case manager, attorney, or property owner, CCA has the expertise and experience to investigate virtually any construction problem or opportunity. 

From damage assessment to creative construction solutions, our focus is serve your needs professionally in a way that simplifies your life so you can focus on other matters. 



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