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CCA’s experts work with property insurance underwriters, brokers, and carriers to help identify the factors that could cause property damage, personal injuries, business interruption or other types of “losses”.

A COPE assessment by CCA allows property insurance underwriters, brokers, risk managers, and carriers evaluate the risks associated with property and operations. The assessment is used to determine the impact of such risks on insurance coverage and, in turn, insurance premiums.

CCA works closely with clients to identify, classify, and analyze risks, thus providing reliable data elements for input into valuation models that predict the likelihood of a loss, including losses stemming from hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and other catastrophes.

The team analyzes building locations, materials of construction, age of construction, and the quality of the systems within the structure to help determine the likelihood that the building or structure will be damaged. Another critical item that is addressed is the buildings use, occupancy, and available emergency response services. 

CCA evaluates internal fire protection systems as well as elements that effect the fire protection system in the surrounding areas. Strong water pressure can mean more adequate firefighting, both from in-building sprinklers and fire hydrants. Protection features can also reduce risk to nearby stores, homes, and the general public. 

Not only are the primary building and property evaluated, CCA examines the areas surrounding a property, considering flood zone criteria, risk of wildfire area, or other considerations like proximity to facilities that handle bulk flammable materials or petrochemical plants.

To learn more about how CCA can help you manage your risk by performing a COPE Assessment, contact us today.

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