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Thorough investigations. Clear opinions. Compelling testimony. 

The experts of CCA have been resolving building, construction, and disaster-related problems for over a quarter-century. We have comprehensive capabilities to see construction disputes through from investigation to resolution.

We are practicing engineers, architects, construction consultants, and Indoor Air Quality professionals responsible for a range of complex construction projects. Our team members can provide the required expertise in most professional areas, simplifying expert management for the legal team. Clients value our ability and desire to work collaboratively with the legal, insurance, and owner teams providing trusted advice, reliable facts, and applicable opinions.


Construction Defects

That’s why it makes sense to build your case with the best information you can find – clear-cut evidence, fact-based investigations, and the testimony of acknowledged industry experts.

Our knowledge and experience in construction defect investigations enable us to provide solid evidence and qualified opinions for your case.

Our team approach provides single-source responsibility for the entire investigation. From structural to geotechnical and construction expertise, we provide a full range of architectural and engineering services. Our staff of construction experts and estimators use state-of-the-art software to determine the cost of repair, liability, allocation, and actual cash value. We have extensive experience in evaluating, estimating, and reporting on condominiums, high-rises, and multi-million

Storm Damage

When your buildings succumb to fire, windstorms, explosions or collapses, the speed of recovery depends on getting a fast, accurate assessment of the damage done and the cost of repairs.

With a network of experienced and trained construction consultants, we offer rapid responses to your most urgent challenges. As a single-source consultant, we provide a precise, objective analysis of damages and costs incurred, including:

  • Scope: We provide triage and visual, on-site inspection of damage and loss.
  • Pricing: Using modern, computerized, estimating software, our construction experience enables us to provide accurate cost projections for repairs or replacements.
  • Reporting: We offer repair versus replacement analysis, project administration, and subrogation.
  • Resolution: Our in-depth analytical capabilities allow us to advise you whether you’re best served with repair or replacement.
  • Reference/Appraisal: We have extensive experience working with insurers and insured.
  • Expertise: Our full staff of engineers and architects is available for consultation and remedial solutions.
  • Litigation: Our qualified experts are experienced in reference, arbitration, and litigation support.


Materials Defect

Products may cause injuries or not do what they are supposed to do.  We have provided expert opinions for a vast array of products.  Can openers, space heaters, frying pans, modular fireplaces, boilers, remote modular weather stations, cell phone antennae, and heavy equipment are a few of the products investigated by CCA.

Materials also may not behave as expected or as specified.  Our experts have testified about the corrosion of metals, the performance of coatings, and the strength and behavior of concrete.


Technology Investigation Services

When technology fails, the answer is rarely simple.

Figuring out what happened and why, how to fix it, and how much it will cost usually requires experts from several disciplines.  

That’s why our technology investigation services are staffed by a multidisciplinary team. Our consultants are qualified to investigate all manner of electro-mechanical problems, including engine failures, computer hardware and software errors, product liability, vehicle failures, and much more. And we maintain an ongoing relationship with a leading metallurgy and materials testing facility that allows us to diagnose some of the most complicated issues around technical failure.


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