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CCA provides expert evaluation and solutions related to equipment and related losses and risks.

Losses related to equipment failures and mishaps are costly. The condition and value of equipment are important to the risk managers of any enterprise. 

When equipment stops operating an early, essential step is to accurately understand the cause and origin and to define an effective plan of action. CCA’s team of engineers, technicians, and specialists have performed countless machinery and equipment investigations for insurance companies, attorneys, risk managers, and owners. CCA performs investigations, forensic evaluation, condition surveys, inventories, failure analysis, repair/replace cost assessments, and more.

Project Types:

  • Manufacturing – automated manufacturing, metrology, robotics, inventory control
  • IT and Computing - computers, software, enterprise management
  • Printing and Bindery – digital and offset presses, flexographic
  • Food Services – food processing and distribution, food preparation, food storage equipment
  • Telecommunications - fiber, co-ax, copper, outside plant, hubs, switching, central office
  • Power Generation and Distribution
  • Transportation – automobile, truck, rail, heavy equipment
  • Building Services – HVAC, air and water purification, water treatment, fire control, building management
  • Marine – dock equipment
  • Inland Marine – field-based equipment inventories and assessments