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Facade Inspections Are Required By Law For Buildings Over 6 Stories In Many Cities

CCA's Architects And Engineers Can Help With Your Building Assessments

In response to the devastating 2021 building collapse that occurred in Surfside, Florida, large buildings are now required to be reviewed for their structural and facade soundness. 

Large buildings are now required to be reviewed for their structural and façade soundness. Avoiding catastrophic events like structural collapses and falling building elements, has become a major concern and impetus for ordinances designed to assess and identify conditions that warrant repair programs.

With over thirty-five years of experience performing structural and façade assessments, CCA Construction Consulting Associates LLC, has assisted commercial, residential and institutional clients in understanding the status and future responsibilities in maintaining assets.

CCA’s Program of Inspection and Analysis Includes:

  • Consideration of the Environment, History, and Context of Building Location
  • Review of historic repairs and reports on Building Performance
  • Industry recognized Standards for Investigation and Analysis
  • Consulting and Prioritizing observed Conditions with clients
  • Advising clients on Long-Term Solutions to building issues
  • Filing Required Documents with municipalities to assure of Compliance


Along with our Facade inspection program, CCA routinely provides a wide range of assessments such as Structural Soundness (safety) and Due Diligence.

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Taylor James Pierce RA, QEWI, MCARB, LEED AP

Senior Architect
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Ken Quigley PE, MS

Kenneth R. Quigley, PE, MS
Executive Vice President
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Gregory Hoyt, PE

Gregory C. Hoyt, PE
Senior Structural Engineer

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