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Understanding critical systems. Improving function. Minimizing risk. Maintaining uptime. Avoiding business interruption. Avoiding losses.


Mission critical facilities must remain operational to provide services to customers, prevent customer losses, and comply with your contracts for services. As architectural, engineering, and construction consultants, our job is to help make that happen. The CCA team understands that data centers and other critical facilities rely on the building shell to maintain an indoor environment and a secure facility, electrical systems for power, mechanical systems for heating and cooling, and fiber for connections. Any project, such as the construction of new facilities, renovation or retrofit of existing facilities, or replacement or upgrade of controls and operational systems, requires a team that can maintain redundancies and controls to ensure 100% uptime.

CCA has expertise in construction, building management, mechanical systems, electrical systems, and operational systems throughout its lifecycles. CCA’s team provides support for conflict resolution, and therefore fully understands insurance/risk management and litigation processes to both avoid losses and deal with them if they occur.

Our team understands the needs of critical facilities and their operator/owners. From planned to unplanned projects, we solve critical facilities building and systems issues with precision.


Mission Critical Facilities Services

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