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Executive Vice President


When extreme events or construction defects damage structures and properties, Kenneth R. Quigley, PE provides the extraordinary engineering expertise required to respond and investigate the situation. Ken has provided expert opinions and expert testimony in federal and state courts regarding hurricane damage, construction defects, premises liability, E&O, and construction accidents.

For Ken, engineering is both science and art – it requires deep experience, specialized skills, remarkable instincts, powerful collaboration, and a strong commitment to the people, communities, and companies affected by damaged buildings.

Passionate about understanding how structures behave under extreme stress and has keen instincts for the cause of problems. Has forensically examined hundreds of buildings damaged by construction defects, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, floods, soil movement, landslides, explosions, human factors, and industrial accidents.

An expert in forensic engineering testifies for defense and plaintiff attorneys in federal and state courts on behalf of construction companies, design professionals, building owners, and insurance companies. Sees the big picture, hypothesizes the causes and conditions leading to damage, and oversees a multi-disciplinary team to verify causation.

Ken and his team are straight shooters – they are vigilant in uncovering the true cause of construction defects and sources of failure.

Ken has over forty-five years of experience and training in engineering, design, construction, planning, and management. For the past twenty he has been performing forensic engineering and design engineering at CCA. Experience includes several decades as a structural/civil engineer and engineering manager in many engineering fields. Successfully completed a diverse array of residential, commercial, and industrial engineering projects and has led the design of numerous buildings and facilities. An expert in the preparation and production of construction drawings and specifications, as well as the direct provision of construction support services for new and renovated facilities.  Registered Professional Engineer in numerous states, a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, American Concrete Institute, ASTM, and the International Concrete Repair Institute.  Ken is a Professional Engineer in MA, NY, PA, RI, MD, AL, NJ, MS, LA, TX, NH, MO, VA, NC, CT, DC & FL

Outside of work, Ken is passionate about sharing his love of skiing and the outdoors by volunteering at the Mount Washington Valley Adaptive Sports. Committed to community, Ken volunteers at the Malden (Massachusetts) Warming Center, which provides meals and safe warm overnight shelter to homeless people during the harsh New England winters.



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