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Construction Defect Litigation. Claims Investigations. Catastrophe Management. Building Evaluations. Investigation and Design. With 25 years under our belts, the CCA team has the depth of experience to be the single source solution for a range of client needs. 

See below for a snapshot of past projects - and the results we delivered.


Case Study Summary #1

Project Type:  Construction Defect Litigation
Building Type: Luxury Beach-Front Condominium Complex
Location:    New Jersey Shore

Summary:      The Condo Owners’ Association, representing owners of 86 units, filed suit against the developer, general contractor, and construction manager, alleging various defects in design, construction, and materials throughout the property.  Defendants retained CCA to investigate the allegations and to provide opinions, recommended actions, and cost estimates relative thereto. The plaintiffs settled at trial, accepting substantially less than what they had originally sought.


Case Study Summary #2

Project Type:  Hurricane Katrina Losses—Wind vs. Flood Analysis
Building Type: Numerous High-End Residential Dwellings
Location:     Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama

CCA had boots on the ground less than a month after Hurricane Katrina.  In all, CCA conducted detailed inspections of over seventy insured properties (mostly in and around New Orleans), evaluated and apportioned the likely causes of damage to each property (i.e., wind/rain versus flood/wave), and provided estimates for the costs of repairs.  A number of the properties had been completely washed away; in those cases, CCA’s experts were able to piece the facts together based on property records, weather data, photos and drawings, and observations of surrounding properties.

Case Study Summary #3

Project Type:  Claims Investigation—Business Interruption
Building Type: Manufacturing Facility
Location:    Colorado

  A severe rainstorm flooded a specialized industrial electronics manufacturing facility, damaging communications equipment and rendering the facility’s computer systems inaccessible for several days.  The insured submitted a claim under its business interruption coverage for lost sales and temporarily increased manufacturing costs.  The carrier questioned the findings of its own forensic accountants, and retained CCA to analyze the loss from a computer systems standpoint.  CCA’s team of systems and manufacturing operations experts custom-designed a proper analytical model, and determined that the forensic accountants had overestimated the loss by failing to account for a number of complex variables.


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