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Momentum Plaza (formerly known as the First American Plaza) was designed to house tenant space and a large bank’s headquarters. This ten-story building, granite clad with large curtain wall systems, and dormered slate roofs, ran into problems during a lengthy construction process. Extensive delays prompted the owner, Adam Development Properties (ADP) to retain CCA to review and analyze contractual obligations, investigate construction related deficiencies, and assess project cost implications. 

During multiple site visits by CCA, the building components and construction methods for this elegant building were evaluated including the structural framing, MEP systems, and the exterior building envelope. Field-testing was also conducted to determine contributing factors for the water infiltration and damages observed. Based on the information gathered, CCA provided evaluations of the building’s exterior and interior components. CCA identified deficiencies, damages, and cost implications due to the contractors’ replacement and construction delays. CCA prepared a thorough report and summary of findings and presented them to the client in support of litigation.