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The OSHA Process Safety Management standard is the primary guideline for programs designed to prevent or minimize the consequences of accidents involving bulk quantities of flammable and highly hazardous materials.  

CCA engineers and architects have helped industrial organizations to design and maintain PSM programs, have performed numerous PSM audits and understand which PSM activities and features are practical and efficient. CCA recognizes that all companies and facilities are different and so we develop programs to suit the unique needs of each location, and help to ensure that each of our clients implements PSM programs that satisfy regulatory requirements and fit the needs of a company's individual objectives. 

CCA engineers have written general, as well as site specific, programs for all OSHA PSM elements. Based on the individual challenges of each organization, CCA can provide any or all of the following services:

  • PSM program manuals

  • Written programs with plant-specific PSM system features

  • Education, Training and organization of site specific PSM programs

  • Auditing of the performance and effectiveness of an established PSM program







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