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Importance of a safety culture on job sites

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 28, 2015 1:17:58 PM / by Kenneth R Quigley, PE

construction-1-1193849A culture of safety does more than just protect your firm from law suits and protect your employees from injuries. A recent article from Engineering News-Record states that it actually helps productivity, job quality and increased return on investment.  

"Contractors with strong safety cultures enjoy more than just significantly lower injury rates. Industry research has found other benefits, such as an increased project return on investment, faster schedules, cost savings, improved quality as well as a proven ability to contract new work.

Using a strategy of proactive communication and relationship building, a contractor can ensure that the safety message in the field complements and even enhances performance and quality."

Read more here: http://enr.construction.com/business_management/safety_health/2015/0729-you-cant-inspect-your-way-to-safety.asp


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