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Structural Engineering

CCA’s structural engineers have seen it all.  From Florida to Brittish Columbia, from Maine to California and many places in between.  CCA’s engineers have designed a wide variety of buildings and structures including single family homes, manufacturing plants, high-rise buildings, low-rise buildings silos, hangars, chemical plants, treatment facilities, bridges and more.  Our engineers are equally versed in the design of new buildings as well as modifications and repairs to existing buildings.  We excel at and are passionate about effective, creative, affordable structural solutions in the design of structures.

Our engineers have witnessed the affects of extreme loads on structures and buildings.  CCA has investigated hundreds of structure due to hurricane winds, tornado, earthquakes, storm tides, rain, snow, soil movement, fires and explosions.  CCA knows what to look for and how to safely conduct investigations when structures are affected by extreme loads.  CCA knows how to repair structures damaged by extreme loads and knows how to distinquish between damage due to these loads and damage due to other effects.

You can’t take risks with the structures you depend on. Whether it’s a home or a business, when the building is threatened or compromised, you need immediate answers to avoid danger to lives and disruption to business.