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When you’re entering a trial, arbitration or mediation, you have a lot riding on the outcome.

That’s why it makes sense to build your case with the best information you can find – clear-cut evidence, fact-based investigations, and the testimony of acknowledged industry experts.

Our knowledge and experience in construction defect investigations enable us to provide solid evidence and qualified opinions for your case.

Our team approach provides single-source responsibility for the entire investigation. From structural to geotechnical and construction expertise, we provide a full range of architectural and engineering services. Our staff of construction experts and estimators use state-of-the-art software to determine the cost of repair, liability, allocation, and actual cash value. We have extensive experience in evaluating, estimating and reporting on condominiums, high-rises, and multi-million dollar custom homes. 


Case Study:

Forensic Investigation Proves Walkways are ADA Compliant