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When your buildings succumb to fire, windstorms, explosions or collapses, the speed of recovery depends on getting a fast, accurate assessment of the damage done and the cost of repairs.

With a network of experienced and trained construction consultants, we offer rapid response to your most urgent challenges. As a single-source consultant, we provide precise, objective analysis of damages and costs incurred, including:

  • Scope: We provide triage and visual, on-site inspection of damage and loss.

  • Pricing: Using modern, computerized, estimating software, our construction experience enables us to provide accurate cost projections for repairs or replacements.

  • Reporting: We offer repair versus replacement analysis, project administration and subrogation.

  • Resolution: Our in-depth analytical capabilities allow us to advise you whether you’re best served with repair or replacement.

  • Reference/Appraisal: We have extensive experience working with insurers and insured.

  • Expertise: Our full staff of engineers and architects is available for consultation and remedial solutions.

  • Litigation: Our qualified experts are experienced in reference, arbitration, and litigation support.