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Construction Defects can turn buildings into disasters.  A dream home may be seeping water after only a year.  A facility built to withstand a hurricane fails in the first tropical storm.  Clearly, someone did not do their job. 

But determining fault can be a nightmare – sorting out the complex relationships between the architect, builder, and subcontractors is a daunting task?

CCA can help.  We investigate construction defects in every kind of construction project – from multi-million-dollar high rises to family homes, to condominiums.  We have worked on cases with hundreds of thousands of documents and allocated responsibility between as many as fifty separate parties on an individual project.  

We have the architectural and engineering expertise to manage the investigation and design the remedies.  We have the construction expertise to estimate and allocate the costs.  We are the expert witnesses to support you if you need to go to trial, mediation, or arbitration.