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Mediation vs. Arbitration

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 24, 2019 10:00:00 AM / by Mark McGivern, CSI, Aff. M. ASCE

iStock-104821172_gavelMediation vs. Arbitration. What’s the difference? Mediation and Arbitration are often and easily confused, especially if you are not in the field of law. The simplest way to differentiate is:

  • Mediation: A process in which a neutral person or persons, with no decision-making power, facilitates communication the between the disputing parties. During the process of mediation, a mediator intervenes to help the disputing parties reach their own agreement.
  • Arbitration: A process by which the disputing parties bring their case before a disinterested party, known as an arbitratior, who is selected by both parties. The arbitrator hears both sides and can make legal rulings.

CCA has experience with both mediation and arbitration as a way to resolve cases. 

The following article, Arbitration and Mediation: What’s the Difference? What to Expect, by Brittany Rupley Haefele with Porter Law Group, does a great job at clearly explaining the difference between mediation and arbitration along with when you would use one over the other.


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