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The Often Misunderstood Science of Frozen Pipes.

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 24, 2023 11:02:29 AM / by Kenneth R Quigley, PE


CCA’s experts understand the science of the bursting of pipes due to cold weather. The consequences of frozen and burst water piping in homes, businesses, or other insured properties can be very expensive.   Insurance claims can get contentious leading to litigation and the threat of litigation. Potential construction defects related to losses can lead to subrogation against contractors and professionals involved in the construction of the building with the leaks. CCA Construction Consulting Associates LLC has the mechanical engineer expertise to understand the complicated science of the bursting of water pipes due to freezing temperatures. CCA, LLC also has architectural and engineering expertise in building envelopes to understand how cold temperatures impacted the piping. CCA, LLC has experts who understand both the scientific basis for and the types of building conditions which frequently contribute to pipe freeze-ups.


Possible causes for pipe freezing are numerous, including a loss or partial loss of building heat, setting the thermostat too low during cold weather, inadequate heating systems and controls, missing building envelope insulation, and cold air infiltration through the building envelope. Building envelope cold air leakage problems are magnified by localized weather such as high winds from a specific direction or the operation of mechanical ventilation equipment causing pressure imbalance and resulting in an increase in building envelope air leakage.


CCA’s Architects and Engineers employ science-based analysis methods and can explain what happened and why. CCA’s building consultants can determine the cost of remediation and repair.


To learn more please visit the Forensics page of our website. Please call or email Kenneth Quigley kquigley@ccaco.com (781) 301-5216 to discuss how CCA help.