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Top Builder to Pay for Condo Defense

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 6, 2016 10:00:00 AM / by Mark McGivern, CSI, Aff. M. ASCE

courthouse-1204573.jpgThe verdict is in! After many years and a 38-day trial a Florida six-person jury has ordered one of America's largest home builders to pay up to $9.6 million in damages. This amount is due to alleged defective stucco, roofs, and windows in a 240-unit complex located in Jacksonville, a recent Durability and Design article explains

According to the complaint, "Each of the defects were either known to exist by the defendant during the course of construction or should have been known to exist by the defendant through the exercise of reasonable care and after reasonable inspection during the course of construction."  “The builder argued that the condos were “fine” and that any defects in the complex were isolated or insignificant.”

The jury award does not include punitive damages, which might also equal to a hefty amount.

Read more of the original story in the Durability and Design post here. 



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