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Building an Envelope Warranty

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 11, 2018 11:00:00 AM / by Clark Griffith, AIA

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When plans for buildings are being laid out and constructed many parties are often involved including the owner, architect, general contractor, and sub-contractors. One of the key areas of planning is waterproofing the structure so that leaks do not occur. In many cases a rainscreen system is built and put in place.

Unfortunately sometimes these multilayered rainscreen systems leak and owners are then faced with a costly dilemma. When instances like these do occur owners then must organize and participate in meetings with the architect, general contractor, the owner’s representative, as well as subcontractors. Coordinating these meetings and then settling on a solution can often take years, all while the building continues to leak.

However, solutions do exist. According to a recent article in Construction Specifier, “there is a solution to this problem, but it must be a proactive approach to the rainscreen façade. Architects must incorporate the solution into the specifications even before the project is bid.”

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Clark Griffith, AIA

Written by Clark Griffith, AIA

President, Director of Architectural Services, CCA, LLC