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On-Call Disaster and Catastrophe Response

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 28, 2015 4:28:28 PM / by Robert Pfeifer, AIA

Putting Lives and Businesses Back on Track


When disaster strikes, the first thing most people do is to dial 911 resulting in the dispatch of police, fire, and EMT personnel.  Soon after life-threatening emergencies are taken care of, homeowners, property landlords, and public officials turn their attention to issues of restoring properties and getting commerce going.  Business and property owners and their insurance companies want to know: How bad is it, can it be repaired, when can repairs be made, and how much will they cost?  CCA’s team has vast experience answering these questions whether the disaster is a single property or a wide-spread catastrophe such as hurricanes and earthquakes.  CCA is used to responding quickly to our client’s needs.

Disasters can be natural or man-made

Fire, hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, tornadoes, terrorist incidents, air and rail accidents, industrial accidents, bridge and building collapses, and underground pipeline leaks all require an initial emergency response, by first responders. Then, these disasters require specialized engineers and contractors to evaluate the damage, provide technical assistance and help return lives and commerce to normalcy as soon as possible. CCA has worked on evaluating thousands of damage claims in catastrophes over its 25 year history and has dozens of specialized staff ready to respond from multiple offices when and where needed. Catastrophes present special challenges, risks and a particular urgency that require a clear, planned and disciplined approach to successfully meet the needs of the parties involved. 

Hurricanes, and associated flooding can cause widespread damage from high winds, and storm surge. CCA has worked on thousands of hurricane damage claims involving ten different major hurricanes over the last 25 years. CCA has put boots on ground to assess hurricane damage and perform on-site inspection before the roads have been cleared and the utilities restored.  

On-call disaster response services include:

  • Large loss estimating
  • Rapid response
  • Triage and visual inspection of damage and loss
  • Litigation support
  • Flood versus wind analysis
  • Cost analysis
  • Engineering and Architectural inspections

CCA also has analyzed losses years after a hurricane has hit to sift through hundreds of thousands of pages of documents to help parties resolve complex litigation involving causes and costs of damages.  CCA’s personnel from its top management through its engineers and estimators have been there, after a catastrophe, and understand the needs of insurers, insureds, property managers, contractors and regulators.

Earthquakes, and other vibration related events in many ways, are unique amongst catastrophes due the prospect of destabilized soils and foundations putting the structural integrity of buildings, dwellings, roads, bridges and other critical infrastructure elements into question.  CCA is thoroughly familiar with the soil/structure interaction phenomenon that takes place during a complete range of vibration events including earthquakes, blasting, pile driving, machine vibrations and even weapons effect. CCA has assembled a diverse organization with a broad range of disciplines to address the myriad of engineering and technical issues that will arise from significant or catastrophic earthquake and vibration disturbances.  CCA can put boots on ground to assess earthquake and vibration damage and perform on-site inspections before the roads have been cleared and the utilities restored.


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