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The Most Commonly Claimed Issues in Construction Defect Litigation

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 20, 2019 8:45:00 AM / by Clark Griffith, AIA


As forensic architects, engineers, and construction consultants CCA regularly investigates construction defect claims and provides litigation support.

David M. McLain of Higgins, Hopkins, McLain & Roswell, LLC recently wrote a very relevant post, What are the most commonly claimed issues in construction defect litigation?, which was based on a prior study regarding the most cited types of construction defect cases. David McLain concluded that the most commonly cited claims fall into three core areas:

  1. Civil Issues
  2. Building Envelope Issues
  3. Roof Issues

Continue reading the full post to better understand the exact types of claims that fell into each of these three core categories.

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Clark Griffith, AIA

Written by Clark Griffith, AIA

President, Director of Architectural Services, CCA, LLC