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The Often Misunderstood Science of Frozen Pipes.

Building failures: It is never just one thing

Should I panic? The role of structural condition assessment for condominiums

Is My Condo Building Safe?

CCA opens new office in Florida

Effects of building movement on interior finishes

Stabilization of construction costs after a hurricane

Best available refuge: Protecting yourself when a tornado or hurricane hits

Structural performance during a tornado: What you need to know

Responding to Catastrophes

Getting a building back to pre-storm condition: What to expect

Four Greatest Risks of a Hurricane’s Impact on Buildings

A Structural Engineer’s Nightmare, Champlain Towers South

When do you need a facility condition assessment?

Hurricane Damage Claims - A Primer

Owner’s Objectives: It Is Critical To Be Clear From the Start

Construction Defect Litigation: Hiring an Expert Witness

Document Management for Construction Litigation

Why Hire a Forensic Architect?

Construction Defect Litigation: The Critical Role of the Expert Forensic Witness

Selecting a Design Consultant; A Guide for Owners and Property Managers

How to Avoid Broken Construction Projects and Late Schedules

Construction Defect Mediation vs. Arbitration

Off their game: How the pandemic has hit the NY construction market

After the storm: Assessing hurricane damage for insurance claims

Managing Legionella Risks During Reopening

Facility & Operational Planning: COVID-19 FAQ

Back to School COVID-19 Basics

CISA Federal Guidance Includes Construction as Essential Critical Infrastructure Sector

PFAS Contamination in Massachusetts Drinking Water Supplies

Waterproofing technology to protect against concrete corrosion

Indoor Air Quality Issues and Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation

Legionella Management in the Hospitality and Healthcare Industries

Specifying rigid foam insulation for masonry cavity walls

The Rising Use of Drones in External Building Inspection

The Most Commonly Claimed Issues in Construction Defect Litigation

Identifying Tile Failure

Women in Construction

To repair or replace an existing roof?

Avoiding Winter Catastrophe - Reducing the Risks of Frozen Pipes

Put penetrations to the test: The effect of cladding attachments on air and water barriers

Add decades to your commercial roof life

Tackling flood damage to dwellings

Hurricane resistant homes: why they aren't being constructed more frequently.

Treating reinforcement corrosion in parking structures

Moisture Damage to Electronics

Changes to Concrete Standards: How they clarify your choice of test methods

A Quick Summary of the Evolution of Stucco

ECO-Gyms, powered by their own members

The Connection between Air Conditioning Systems and Mold

Breaking ground on Boston’s Fenway Center

Everything Leaks: Testing & diagnosing roofing leaks

Adhered Manufactured Stone Veneer: Manufacturing performance for the winter

Maintaining Continuity at Transitions

CCA Launches Project Portal

Building an Envelope Warranty

Built to burn: Thousands of buildings worldwide are wrapped in combustible panels

Waterproofing: From Roof to Foundation

After Years of Decline, Asbestos Use is on the Rise

Every layer matters. A holistic approach to quality control can be useful.

Hurricanes and Construction Cranes - Look Out Below

Man with Walnut Allergy Dies on Construction Site

Stricter Building Codes Saved Florida’s Commercial Buildings from Irma’s Wrath

Hurricane Ties - Keeping the Lid On

Mold in walls after a hurricane or flooding

Water Damage During Construction

Increasing Demand for Hotels keeps Construction Boom Going

Using Metal Panels to Stand Up to Hurricanes

Protecting Infrastructures from Major Floods

CCA adds Structural Engineer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CCA LLC/The CCA Group announces an alliance with The Center for Toxicology & Environmental Health (CTEH)

If All Else Fails – Communicate Effectively!

The Importance of a Quality Management Plan and Why it Should be Completed Early!

Mold Within City Buildings: A Common & Growing Issue Part 3

Mold Within City Buildings: A Common & Growing Issue Part 2

Asbestos Testing and Clean-Up

Why have a Master Schedule? What should be included in that schedule?

Preliminary Cost Investigations and the Importance of a Detailed Budget

Mold Within City Buildings: A Common & Growing Issue

What should be considered in a proper project site due diligence?

Avoiding "New Home Heartbreak"

What is Critical in a Project Management System?

A Project Management Plan is key to a successfully run project

What is the Proper Organization for Your Project?

Handle with Care: Asbestos Contamination and Clean-Up

Why Do You Need Good Project Procedures?

CCA adds senior HVAC, Energy, and Mechanical Engineering expert

Climate Disasters Cost the U.S. $46 Billion

Using Experts to Solve Log Jams in Construction Defect Settlements

California passes new laws following Berkeley tragedy

Take the next step in your career at CCA.

New Orleans Pushes to Finish Last Big Storm-Surge Project

CCA is hiring!

2016 West Coast Casualty Construction Defect Seminar

Top Builder to Pay for Condo Defense

CCA announces strategic partnership: The CCA Group

Construction defect reform in Colorado

No Express Misrepresentation Needed To Assert A Negligent Misrepresentation Claim Against A Design Professional in PA

Ice Arena Improvements

Engineering trends in 2016

College students study sustainable architecture overseas

Increased skyscraper stability in Seattle using concrete

Flood protection design and construction since Katrina

Importance of a safety culture on job sites

A San Francisco hospital is using a unique substance to prepare for earthquakes

Liability Limitations on the Construction Manager's Role

New Jersey Fire Officials Demand Tougher Code

Construction Defect Litigation: Engaging Your Expert Witness

On-Call Disaster and Catastrophe Response

Ice Arenas: Indoor Air Quality

Balcony Issues: Common Structural Failures

Algae-Harvesting Technology Turns Frack California Water Into Irrigation Water

Balcony Issues: Structural Performance

Common Balcony Issues: Water Intrusion Due to Construction Defects

Vibration-Related Property Damage

The importance of industrial roof structural safety reviews

What Will You Do When Your Mission-Critical Facility Goes Down?

Root Cause Analysis: An Important Tool in Accident Investigation

Brooklyn construction defects on the rise

After getting this much snow, should you shovel your roof?

How to Cope with Cold Climate Ice Dams